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63% of Millennials overspend to keep up with Facebook friends.

Keeping up with the Joneses? The concept of constantly comparing yourself to your neighbor is one that, unfortunately, still plagues people – especially when they're scrolling through picture-perfect moments on social media. These channels possess an overwhelming power to persuade...Read more

Shoppers want help from technology and social media, not sales associates.

When I'm shopping (in stores and online), I'm also having a full-on fashion show. I'm sending photos of potential purchases with texts like, "Do you like this?" and "Where could I wear that?" But for whatever reason, I always opt...Read more

Hey Google, show us a shot-for-shot recreation of "Home Alone."

Christmas has come early. This month, Google gifted the world with a commercial we never knew we needed, in which Macaulay Culkin reprises his role as Kevin McCallister, the beloved little boy from "Home Alone." This :60 spot is a...Read more

2019: The year smartphones scan for food poisoning?

Siri, what movies are playing? Siri, did the Spartans win? Siri, what's the square root of 64? Siri, can you call my husband? If you're an Apple aficionado, all of the above should sound familiar. Every month, Siri gets an...Read more

A school fundraiser parents are psyched to support? It's real.

Where there's a kid in school or sports... there's a fundraiser. It's a fact of life — especially mine. With countless children I know and love, I'm constantly seeing brochures filled with cookie dough, caramel corn, pizza kits and Christmas...Read more

How to get great online reviews: 5 quick tips.

More than five million people visit the Grand Canyon National Park each year... but that doesn't mean they all enjoy it. A simple Google search will show you almost 20,000 online reviews. And while the park may have earned an...Read more

23 tips to develop and deploy the best emails ever.

Email marketing? It may not sound like the coolest form of marketing. I mean, it's not a series of TV spots that the whole world will see. It's not a digital ad that will follow people from website to website...Read more

Is your sender reputation keeping your emails out of inboxes?

You may be done with high school (don't worry, we won't ask you when you graduated), but if you're an email marketer, you'll never be done worrying about your reputation. ... sender reputation, that is. You see, way back when,...Read more

1 in 5 emails will never make it to an inbox. Will yours?

Let's say your team just created an email that'll be sent from your brand. And... let's say it's the best email ever. I mean, it's expertly written. It's well designed. It's strategically programed. There's really no room for improvement. But,...Read more

How to write a successful subject line: 11 tips for email marketers.

I write a lot of emails, which means I write a lot of subject lines. A LOT of subject lines. In fact, almost every email I write is accompanied by a list of them. Some immediately rise to the top...Read more


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