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What marketers can expect in 2019: Health and Wellness.

What was hot in health and well-known in wellness for 2018 might not carry into the new year. As 2019 approaches, brands should reflect on the messages they want to bring with them. And those to leave behind. Here's a...Read more

Why two Michigan breweries are joining forces to boost our local beer scene.

Michigan's always been known for our freshwater lakes, our auto industry, our expansive shoreline. But in recent years, Michigan's brewed up a new reputation that's gained national recognition: one for our hoppin' beer scene. In a recent study, Michigan ranked...Read more

Flu season ahead: Why it's socially responsible to get your flu shot.

Fall's in the air, and unfortunately, so is the flu. While it's beneficial for your personal wellbeing to get your flu shot this year, it's also become somewhat of a social responsibility to do so. Newscasters are talking about it,...Read more

A tale of two industries - When fashion and technology converge.

Imagine watching the Emmy's red carpet and seeing a computer determine the best and worst dressed instead of your favorite fashion critic. Imagine waking up and using AI (instead of your best friend) to help you pick your outfit for...Read more

How autonomous vehicles are driving the future of advertising.

The year is 2021. Autonomous vehicles now dominate the roads. Gone are the days of keeping your eyes on the pavement, the cars in front of you, the billboards on your route to work. We live in the future. And...Read more

Nurses: vital in the hospital, invisible in the media.

Nurses stand at the frontlines of patient care. They track symptoms, communicate with doctors, monitor progress and administer personalized treatment. And because they spend so much time with both patients and families, they're known to provide more than medical treatment...Read more

Click-surfing helps marketers turn ZZZs into dollars.

Night owl. Nocturnal. Insomniac. Maybe you know one, or maybe you are one. While the idea of forgoing sleep to read another chapter or watch another episode is nothing new, consumers' options are. We're no longer limited to talk shows...Read more

AR in the OR - How augmented reality is transforming healthcare.

Once known as a figment of the future, Augmented Reality (AR) is now one of the most promising digital technologies of the present. It's made a splash in the entertainment, retail and education industries, and now it's taking the healthcare...Read more

The latest in data collection is right under your... feet?

Imagine walking into your grocery store and heading to the bread aisle to pick up your go-to loaf of whole grain. Just then, you receive a notification on your phone that your favorite bread is on sale. You continue your...Read more

Brogan Volunteers 2017

As part of our commitment to community, Brogan & Partners encourages employees to participate in community volunteer activities. To support this goal, employees are offered one paid day each year for volunteer service. Throughout 2017, nearly every Brogan employee took...Read more


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