Sarah Komar

Associate, Senior Art Director

Sarah began as an intern, but didn’t stay one for very long. She was too good. Her innovative designs for The HoneyBaked Ham Company and TACOM (not to mention her fun, easygoing personality) convinced us that we’d hit the intern jackpot, and she came on staff full-time.

Since then, Sarah has designed projects for nearly every Brogan & Partners client, including packaging design, web design, print and direct mail. With degrees in both graphic design and photographic technology, Sarah's bag of artistic tricks is pretty deep (the kind of bag you can never find your keys in). The photography degree also means she’s the designated camera person for every Brogan group photo. In more ways than one, Sarah makes us all look good.

Sarah combines a sophisticated taste level and keen eye with a killer work ethic. In fact, Sarah’s design work never ends. No, we don’t work her THAT hard—she keeps on designing outside the office, with her hobbies of interior decorating, designing and drawing her own typography for posters. In her few non-designing moments, she likes to go to concerts and spend time with her friends.

Why Brogan?

Results. Strategic insights that deliver more "aha" moments. Creative that makes an emotional connection. Account service that creates happy clients. And metrics that move your business forward. We guarantee you'll be delighted.