North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

How a group of school kids made North Carolina take note of the flu virus.


North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services – Immunization Branch


The state wanted to increase the number of North Carolinians getting vaccinated against the flu. With a limited budget and only two months to complete the project, Brogan & Partners got to work. 


Since research shows that women make most of the health care decisions for their families, we targeted moms with a television spot that featured schoolchildren. The spot showed a group of kids singing to the tune of “Old Smoky,” with lyrics about their less-than-antiseptic habits (“I had to sneeze then, and somebody coughed… it was okay, though, ‘cause I wiped the germs off.”) The spot served as a reminder of how easily the flu virus can spread—and how critical the flu vaccination is to protect your family. A series of three print ads emphasized the message, showing more easy ways the flu virus could be passed on.

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