How we helped Michigan's hospitals recruit a team of champions.


Michigan Health and Hospital Association


The Michigan Health & Hospital Association wanted to increase positive awareness of Michigan hospitals and the MHA. Their goal was to use this greater visibility to recruit a network of citizens – MiCare Champions – who could become advocates for healthcare, championing policies and programs that would improve Michigan’s healthcare systems for everyone.


Targeting Michigan hospital and healthcare workers, "healthcare-concerned" residents, and female healthcare decisionmakers (25+), we conducted in-depth market research over several months to ascertain these groups' perceptions of healthcare and hospitals in the state. This research included online focus groups, in-depth interviews and an online consumer quantitative study.

Using this data, we created a public advocacy campaign in partnership with Martin Waymire, beginning with a 2 ½ minute video featuring real-life healthcare workers, titled "Healing Hands." The video showcased several initiatives spearheaded by Michigan hospitals to improve the health of their communities, from Detroit to the U.P. Three :15 videos were created that focused on one initiative each. Social media and email reinforced the message and urged people to become MiCare Champions.

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