How we helped the Michigan State Police teach millions to recognize the signs of human trafficking.


Michigan State Police


The Michigan State Police realized that front-line service and utility workers were in a unique position to observe the signs of human trafficking, but they needed to educate workers to recognize these signs and report them.


We created a short, provocative and memorable video that empowered service and utility workers to pay attention to telltale signs of human trafficking in places where they are working. Targeting both male and female workers in industries such as pest control, cable TV, and energy, the video featured many actual service employees going about their typical work day in the neighborhoods and homes they serve.

The video surpassed all expectations of both the Michigan State Police and our agency. It was extremely well received by the service industries we targeted, and when the client distributed the video via PR and social media vehicles, it went viral with an overwhelmingly positive response. Within a month, it received over 6.8 million views and more than 100,000 shares worldwide.

At Brogan & Partners, it is our passion to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We were thrilled to put our talents to work to help put a stop to this heinous crime.

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