How we gave Michigan the good news about more affordable health insurance.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


Beginning April 1, 2014, nearly half a million working people were eligible for a new health insurance plan under Medicaid Expansion called the Healthy Michigan Plan. How do we spread the word to all qualified citizens, so that no one misses this new opportunity?


By researching this target audience (hourly wage workers previously ineligible for Medicaid), we learned what messages would work for them and the best places to reach them. We developed a media plan that included television, radio, Google search, outdoor, transit, interactive banner advertising, a consumer website, a mobile site and a resource website where businesses and community organizations could get materials to help promote the plan. Using the straightforward message that more people in Michigan can now be covered by affordable health insurance, the print and TV featured a collage of Polaroid-type photos depicting the kinds of workers who would be eligible for the plan.

Within four weeks of launch, Michigan was providing coverage to nearly 160,000 Michigan residents under the Healthy Michigan Plan. To date, the plan has nearly 600,000 enrollees.  

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