How we gave the effort to vaccinate Michigan's kids a shot in the arm.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the Franny Strong Foundation


Michigan's childhood immunization rate is among the nation's worst — ranking 43rd lowest in the United States for children ages 19 to 35 months, according to the 2015 National Immunization Survey. Misinformation about vaccines exacerbated the problem.


In partnership with PR firm Martin Waymire, Brogan & Partners created I Vaccinate, a public health education campaign to help Michigan parents protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Designed with input from Michigan mothers, I Vaccinate provides the facts about vaccinations that parents need.

The campaign utilized a multi-media approach. Mass media, such as broadcast and cable television, radio and outdoor, provided broad awareness. Digital media was used for contextual targeting. The campaign also included an active presence on social media channels, specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we know Michigan parents go for information from friends and family. The campaign’s cost-efficient social media tactics allowed I Vaccinate to have a continuous statewide presence while driving engagement and providing a forum for discussion and questions.

In addition to these media choices, we also placed posters and take-one brochures in hundreds of doctors' offices and independent pharmacies throughout the state. We reached out to five popular Michigan bloggers with thousands of followers who helped us spread the message about vaccines, and directed readers to, a comprehensive website providing information on vaccination. I Vaccinate also recruited more than 70 Michigan individuals to join a private Facebook Group called "I Vaccinate Advocates" to help amplify campaign messages and create an organized pro-vaccine community.

After multiple statewide focus groups and phone surveys, the campaign launched on March 20, 2017. Post-campaign phone surveys helped us monitor the campaign's progress. The most significant results identified from pre to post were lifts in both awareness of safety and plans to vaccinate their children among African American mothers.

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