How we brought millions of impressions to a disease that affects hundreds of thousands.


A collaboration between the Scleroderma Foundation, Scleroderma Research Foundation and the Scleroderma Society of Canada


Scleroderma is a hard word to say, but it's an even harder disease to live with. In North America, three major organizations strive to raise awareness, but millions of people know nothing about it. In 2014, the organizations saw an opportunity to partner together for the first time to promote the cause on a bigger stage, and they called Brogan & Partners to create their campaign. Brogan has continued to help the partnership raise awareness every year during Scleroderma Awareness Month (June).


To increase awareness of scleroderma—an autoimmune disease that has no known cause or cure—we knew education had to be a critical element of the campaign. So we pitched the idea of a strong call to action throughout Scleroderma Awareness Month: taking a pledge to tell at least one person about the disease. The pledge, which lives on a microsite Brogan created, has been a feature of the campaign every year. To date, 2,194 supporters have signed it.

2018 was another successful year for the Scleroderma Aware partnership. Brogan cross promoted our awareness message on the three partners' Facebook and Twitter channels, and created a social media Thunderclap message that flooded users' channels on June 29, World Scleroderma Day. With nearly 400 supporters signing up for the Thunderclap, we were able to generate 262,342 impressions.

We also created an awareness toolkit for supporters to use, including colorful social posts, a Facebook profile picture frame, and creative ideas to raise funds and awareness. One of our promoted Facebook posts generated nearly 200,000 impressions. Our microsite featured an infographic citing some of the most important information and statistics about the disease, as well as true stories of people battling scleroderma.

More results of our 2018 campaign:

Google Search and Display campaign garnered:

  • 1,483,286 impressions
  • 2,594 clicks to the website

Sponsored content delivered:

  • 1,543,555 impressions
  • 6375 clicks to the website
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