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How we've helped Covenant HealthCare generate an extraordinary reputation.


Covenant HealthCare


In 2009, Covenant HealthCare came to Brogan & Partners looking for a new brand image to better communicate their wide range of healthcare offerings. 


Because they offer services for everyone from the youngest NICU patients to the oldest seniors, we established their new brand with the theme line, "Extraordinary care for every generation." This breadth of comprehensive care set them apart from other area hospitals. To introduce their new brand, Brogan created an endearing spot featuring young children who talk about their future encounters with Covenant HealthCare.

In addition to establishing and reinforcing this brand over the years, Brogan extended the campaign to promote key clinical areas with TV and radio spots, social media and innovative local media like wraps for buses in the Saginaw area.

In 2015, we created several versions of a single brand spot (titled “Anthem”), tagging each with messages about different surgical areas.

As Covenant HealthCare has expanded and upgraded its services since 2009, Brogan has expanded their messaging to include them within the Extraordinary Care umbrella. For instance, Covenant now offers online doctor visits and many urgent care locations, which Brogan brought to their customers’ attention with an “Access Everywhere” campaign, including TV, radio and digital advertising.

For over a decade, Covenant HealthCare has been the most preferred hospital in the Great Lakes Bay Region, both overall and in all key clinical areas. Their theme line ("Extraordinary care for every generation") fit their image so well, Covenant adopted it as their mission for the entire organization.  

Brogan's advertising and marketing for Covenant has won many awards for healthcare marketing, including gold and silver Aster awards, Addys, HealthCare Marketing Awards, Telly awards, and many others.

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