Emily Marchak

Associate, Account Manager

Emily is the very model of a modern account manager. She’s strategic, disciplined and thoughtful. As if these qualities weren’t enough to run even the most demanding account, Emily is also creative, curious and prolific. In fact, she’s consistently among Brogan’s most popular bloggers. She enjoys discovering marketing trends and putting them to work for our clients. Search her up and you’ll be rewarded with enough content to fill a college marketing course or two.

Emily has been literally making headlines since she came to Brogan. She started as an account service intern, but it was easy for us to see that Emily wouldn’t be a rookie for long. So, we hired her on full-time after barely more than a month. Now, she provides account service, social media strategy and monitoring for multiple clients, including the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Frankenmuth Insurance and Jewish Family Service.

Emily came to us from Oakland University, where she studied art history and communications, and spearheaded marketing strategies and advertising for both the OU Student Congress and the OU Apartment Housing Council.

Emily has many interests. She can write, bake and once served as an advisor on youth fashion to Nordstrom.

Emily's Blog Posts...

As we near the end of the year, we begin to question the year to come. What is next? What can we do to prepare? Specifically, where is media going in 2019? For a while there, users were engaging in shared experiences...
A lot can change in a year. Perhaps you cut your hair? Changed jobs? Bought a house? Did something arts and crafty? Did you post your updates to Instagram? And did you notice their new features? Let's take a look at...

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