Colleen Lowry

Colleen Lowry

Associate, Corporate Support Specialist

In her work life, Colleen has played more roles than Meryl Streep. She kicked off her career at Acorn Kitchen and Bath, where she worked her way up from receptionist to manager. Then in 2005, she did some work for Marcie Brogan, and as they say in the movies, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Colleen became Marcie’s personal assistant. If you know Marcie, you know that this is no small task. For anyone who has ever marveled at how many projects Marcie can juggle at once, now you know how she’s done it: Colleen was right behind her, keeping everything up in the air. Colleen also helped out Marcie’s sister and retired Brogan CEO, Maria Marcotte. If Marcie and Maria’s lives had credits, Colleen’s name would roll by repeatedly: Property Manager, Purchasing Agent, Concierge, Right Arm. And on the days she wasn’t helping them, she was helping take care of elderly people in need of assistance.

Now Colleen has come on board full time at Brogan & Partners as a Corporate Support Specialist. Meanwhile, she’s still helping Marcie and Maria, as well as her family, Definitely a prime candidate for Best Performance in a Supporting Role.

When she’s not busy making everyone else’s lives easier, Colleen likes to walk her two dogs, Gemma and Harley, and then help herself to a beer and some chips.

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