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Healthcare Checkup - November 2018

Who's the most popular girl at the tech party? How can you reduce your bounce rate? Are Facebook support groups okay? Find the answers here, as well as what marketers can expect in 2019 for Health and Wellness, Cause Marketing...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - October 2018

Unable to make it to SHSMD this year? No worries with our top takeaways. From socially responsible flu shots to socially acceptable breastfeeding pods to all "natural"(?) LaCroix, and more, read our Healthcare Checkup to stay in the know. Vitamin...Read more

9 key takeaways from SHSMD Connections Conference 2018.

The weather may have been mostly grey, but the Seattle SHSMD conference illuminated us four Brogan healthcare marketers in so many ways! Here are our 9 key takeaways: "Do more of what makes you happy." says Johnny Earle , of...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - September 2018

Are you charged with marketing cosmetic surgery or telehealth? Looking for an inspirational patient experience video to wow any patient caregiver? Or one for National Rehabilitation Awareness Week that will melt your heart? Check up on this and why Alexa...Read more

An inspirational video to transform patient experience.

"When you pity people who are sick, you take away their power." This from a wise-beyond-her-years cystic fibrosis patient, Claire Wineland , with her proclamation that we need to change the way we treat sick people. She should know,...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - August 2018

Is the patient medical bill part of your consumer journey mapping? With 83% of Americans finding high medical costs a big problem, it should be. Are you communicating properly with your burgeoning multi-cultural audiences? Taking advantage of Instagram Stories? Thinking...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - June 2018

Featuring a nurse in your new ad campaign may just break through. As would sponsoring a wellness festival. Baking and board games resonate creatively with Gen We. And from Gen We to Matures, people are dropping mobile e-shopping. Check up...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - May 2018

So many conferences, so little time? Get our key takeaways from three healthcare and marketing conferences we attended this month, and highlights from the AHA Annual Meeting. Plus barbershop medicine and tax preparation in waiting rooms – two innovative examples...Read more

4 key takeaways from the MSHPM conference.

Aka (/mish pim/) or Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning and Marketing , which is of course, the Michigan counterpart to SHSMD, aka (/shish med/), or Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development. It's taken me a couple decades to get...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - April 2018

Uber Health and Apple Health Records are easing the way for patients. While cryptocurrencies and Weight Watchers are making critics nervous. But no nerves for Zuckerberg, whose calm & cool reaped high crisis PR ratings. VITAMIN B & P Docs...Read more


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