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What marketers can expect in 2019: Media consumption.

As we near the end of the year, we begin to question the year to come. What is next? What can we do to prepare? Specifically, where is media going in 2019? For a while there, users were engaging in...Read more

8 Instagram Updates your brand should know about.

A lot can change in a year. Perhaps you cut your hair? Changed jobs? Bought a house? Did something arts and crafty? Did you post your updates to Instagram? And did you notice their new features? Let's take a look...Read more

What marketers can expect in 2019: Cause marketing.

From #MeToo to the Times Up movement, March for Our Lives to the #NeverAgain campaign, causes and cause marketing became a huge focus for brands and consumers in 2018. Marketers can expect more of the same in 2019. According to...Read more

Holiday marketing: How soon is too soon?

When it comes to early holiday marketing, what are your sentiments? The more the merrier Still eating leftover Halloween Candy Please don't talk to me until December Holiday marketing...while some advertisers started their campaigns halfway through October, most retailers officially...Read more

5 ways marketers can stand out on Instagram.

So you have a brand Instagram account...but is your creative engaging and are you utilizing all the platform features? Here are five ways your brand can stand out on Instagram. Utilize Instagram Stories (and the unique features). In April 2017,...Read more

6 SEO best practices every blog should have.

Google. It serves our every search. Indulges our every inquiry. And even follows us where we go (on the internet of course). It even crawls brands’ sites and the content they produce: blogs, whitepapers, articles, webpages, websites, etc. so that...Read more

7 Instagram Story features you should be using.

Instagram Stories was the platform enhancer we (and brands) never knew we needed. It has become a powerful way for brands to inspire and engage with users. Since launching in 2016, it has increased in popularity with nearly 400 million...Read more

Gen We and the redefinition of creativity.

When you hear the word creativity, what do you think? Art, drama, music, creative writing, etc.? Gen We would like everyone to know that while these are creative vehicles, they are not the only ones. At the May 2018 Iconosphere...Read more

6 insights marketers should know from Iconosphere 2018.

"Be brave in this new world," proposed Kate Muhl, CEB Iconoculture's Principal Advisor to a room full of brand strategists and advertisers. This quickly became the theme for the two-day Iconosphere 2018 conference that dove deep into consumer and generational...Read more

Cryptocurrency: what marketers should know.

Bitcoin. Ethereum. Ripple. No, these aren't random words. These are just three of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies circling the web. What is a cryptocurrency, you ask? And what do marketers really need to know about them? First, a cryptocurrency is...Read more


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