Weekly Recap – November 18, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 11/17/16 - 8:53 pm

Is it us or is it beginning to look a lot like the holidays already? Otherwise known as “Christmas Creep,” marketers are already debuting their holiday ads, deals and marketing campaigns for the season. From Starbucks’ red cups to Macy’s “Believe” campaign, HubSpot has compiled the most memorable holiday marketing campaigns that continue to leave an impact on consumers. Speaking of, what will they want in an online shopping experience? Will virtual assistants play a role? Let’s take a look.

DETAILS, please

150 years of the best holiday marketing campaigns. The holiday season remains one of the more influential times of year to launch a campaign and seal it into holiday memory for years to come.

Infographic: What consumers want most in an online shopping experience. The holiday shopping season is upon us. Is your brand ready?

Will virtual assistances assist consumers this holiday season? Consumers are frequently turning to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa to help with a variety of things. Is holiday shopping one of them?

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

Flu season driving you nuts? There’s an app for that: #UberForHealth. The campaign was designed to deliver flu care packages and flu shots for up to five individuals from a registered nurse through Passport Health, for free. 

Millennials are sticking with pediatrician into adulthood. From 2002 to 2012, pediatric office visits by patients 19 and older grew from less than a million to 2.4 million.

How to work the holidays like a brand star. How can brands leverage the holidays to win shoppers? Easy on the Christmas creep, skip Thanksgiving sales and campaign with purpose.

THE Topic of conversation

Authenticity. Discover which brands are getting real and how to market authenticity across genders, generations and ethnic groups. Download our free whitepaper “3 Rules to Creating an Authentic Brand.”


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