Weekly Recap – August 17, 2018

Ellyn Davidson 08/16/18 - 11:14 pm

Not all social media is created equal, and not everyone trusts all social media either. Brands are using Instagram stars to market their products to the masses. Stay on top of the ever changing world of media and check out 14 predictions for things to come. Sit back, relax, and let the car do the driving for you.


How consumers rank Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube on privacy, fake news, content relevance, safety, and sharing. In fact, in a new Business Insider Intelligence survey of more than 1,300 global consumers, over half (54%) said that fake news and scams were “extremely impactful” or “very impactful” on their decision to engage with ads and sponsored content. For businesses, this distrust has financial ramifications. It’s no longer enough to craft a strong message; brands, marketers, and social platforms need to focus their energy on getting it to consumers in an environment where they are most receptive.

Influencer marketing is booming among ever-younger gens. Some savvy consumers may be immune to the growing army of online stars shilling products and services on social media. But influencers and brands remain a match made in marketing heaven. Once a low-cost alternative to traditional celeb endorsements, influencer marketing has morphed into a booming business expected to hit the $10 billion mark by 2020, according to Adweek projections (NYTimes.com, 15 July 2018).

14 predictions for the future of media. Henry Blodget opened the latest sold-out IGNITION conference with a presentation entitled 14 Things You’ll Want to Know About The Future of Media. And he should know…Blodget is co-founder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Business Insider, one of the most-read business and tech news sites in the world with more than 80 million visitors a month worldwide. The presentation was put together with the help of the team at Business Insider Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Meanwhile, back at the RANCH

How autonomous vehicles are driving the future of advertising. The year is 2021. Autonomous vehicles now dominate the roads. Gone are the days of keeping your eyes on the pavement, the cars in front of you, the billboards on your route to work. We live in the future. And self-driving cars make it possible for you to disconnect from reality while you’re on the move.


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